4HB – Week 4 update

I’ve made it to the start of the 4th week trying the slow carb diet as part of the 4 Hour Body. I’ve had to change what I eat and what I am allowed to eat, BUT there is a cheat day where you can eat what you like. In any case, measuring things is important so you can see things objectively, and here are the measurements from the start of the 4 weeks (so far).

The stats recorded from my first 3 weeks on the slow carb diet
The stats recorded from my first 3 weeks on the slow carb diet

My 4 Hour Body journey

I’ve started the 4 Hour Body – both the book AND the journey myself.

I heard of the 4 Hour body a few years ago but didn’t do anything back then, likely for some minor, insignificant reason (not the right time of my life, couldn
‘t be arsed, not enough personal investment in making any life changes, etc.) I’ve been listening to Tim Ferriss’ podcasts since October last year and the more I listened to the various interviewees, the more I became fascinated by the 4 Hour Body.

I bought myself a Kindle after Christmas and the first purchase I made was the 4 Hour Body. After reading about 50 pages, I made the decision [which is where a lot of people fail] to follow the programs and just see how things would go. What’s there to lose, right (according to the blurb: ’20 pounds [9Kg] in 30 days’ :-))

Follow me on this journey as I embark on the 4 Hour Body program!


Love, Actually

Love Actually is one of my favourite movies! I had a “Love, Actually” moment earlier today whilst in Tiffany’s buying a gift voucher (recall the ‘would you like it gift wrapped‘ scene from the movie). For a small credit-card sized gift card, it went into a large square card with a special cutout; but only after being inserted into a small ribbon. The card was closed, and the fellow retrieved a large, square card-shaped box. Once he’d opened the box, inserted the card, and popped the lid back on (the right way around), he proceeded to pull out a length of ribbon to wrap the box. When I thought it was over, he then reached up into a cupboard and pulled out the gift bag! After inserting the package into the bag, he finally handed it over to me. Did I feel special? I sure did!

Later in the day when recounting my story to some of my work compatriots, many of them said they’d never seen (let alone had heard of) the movie. Of those I asked, only 1/6 women I asked had seen it, despite it being one of the best chick-flicks out there – I immediately implored all of them to go and watch the movie!

Have you experienced a scene out of one of your favourite movies? Let me know in the comments!


FFTD (Feel Free To Delete)

I was wondering whether there was a way to indicate to someone online that you had a ‘throwaway’ line when you commented or posted on someone else’s page (Facebook, Google +, etc). We can ‘like’ and ‘unlike’; we can add a post and delete a post; we can add a comment and delete a comment.

But what if you wanted to add a comment to someone’s page or post to someone’s page/status and not have it hang around for eternity?
What if you did not care of the other party wanted to keep the comment or not?

What mechanism is there to indicate that you want to leave a comment, but do not mind (or care) if the other party did not wish to have it there?

Enter, FFTD –¬†Feel Free To Delete

Use it next time you wish to throw out a comment that you believe in, and that you believe is warranted at that point in time, however won;t be too upset if the owner/author doesn’t want hanging around. Try it in my comments below…go on – I won’t mind you using FFTD ūüôā

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

Personal Development


It’s a challenge to find strength each and every day. There are people who find strength no matter what they are faced with. There are days I can find this strength and there are days where it’s difficult to find.

Personal Development


It’s missing.

Accepting responsibility for our actions is one of the most important traits we can have and helps us to become a trusted person to others. Trust underpins many, many aspects in today’s society.

Practice it when you can, it’s the right thing to do.

Personal Development


No matter what anyone says, you are more capable than you think. You just need to believe it ūüôā

Personal Development


What separates those who are successful (by their own definition if success)?


Belief that they can do it, remove obstacles from their path and having the commitment and determination to succeed. It’s in everyone, but not everyone uses it.

Betterment Personal Development

Getting better in 2015

I’m looking for ways to better myself and others in 2015.

2014 was such a difficult year as I focused so much on work (as there was a lot to do) and had little time for other things. ¬†It;’s not who I am so in 2015 I am getting back into the way

I want this year to be different.
I need this year to be different.

I’ve gotten back into my blood/plasma donations but need some help and ideas on what else to do in 2015.

Giot any ideas? let me know!

Family Ramblings


We ended 2014 with a 12-day cruise through some of the South Pacific Islands, a holiday¬†for the whole family that we’d planned in Oct 2013. Once we’d made the booking, we a 300 day wait for our departure day to arrive.

Now that we’re back from the cruise, here are some of my thoughts, recollections and good/bad points of the trip – There are a lot of tips in here for would be cruisers:

  1. The staterooms are smaller than you think. This is not really an issue as you wont be spending much time in there, but it is on the small side.
  2. You will eat way more than you need to. Food is in abundance and it really is up to the individual to police what goes into their stomachs! The saying is that for every week you’re on a cruise, you’ll gain 1Kg in weight.
  3. It’s up to you how much or little you do. If you’re part of the FOMO crowd, you’ll be non-stop for almost every single day of the trip! You can also choose to take it easy and partake in as many or as little activities you wish. We learned to
  4. Gym/Exercise. Getting to the gym early in the morning or later in the evening was bliss – if you happen to be able to exercise at sunrise or sunset, it’s even more special (only if there’s a view of the outside world!) It was a popular part of the ship and often had queues for some of the equipment.
  5. Powerboards. Ask whether you can take a powerboard/powerstrip on board BEFORE you go. Our powerboard was surrendered (returned at the end of the trip). We didn’t need to worry as we had 4 power points in the room and enough¬†adapters to charge the necessary devices (thanks to being a frequent traveller in a previous role, however 1 adapter and powerboard does make sense if you’re travelling )
  6. Kids. The¬†kids’ club was great as it allowed the kids to have some time away from the parents. It was a great break for the parents, too! Travelling with 2 other families made the process easier to manage
  7. Peace & quiet. With all the activities on offer, you need to seek out and locate quiet little corners of the ship where you can slink off to for a few mins breathing space. Even though we enjoyed the trip and filled our days with as much as we could, you still need some time away from others to be able to relax/recharge. I found it on one of the mornings when I awoke well before anyone else, went to a quiet part of the ship and revelled in the early morning sunrise whilst chilling out to some music.
  8. No-one cares what you wear! There are decency standards on the ship, but many times you’re able to walk around in whatever you’re comfortable in. For many this meant they stayed in their swimwear most of the time!
  9. Laundry. Every opportunity we had¬†to rinse your clothes and hang them to dry¬†we did – the laundry fees were steep and we didn’t
  10. Packing. I hardly used my socks as we wore sandals/thongs most of the time. barefoot (in certain places) was also acceptable, although in any food or entertainment venue, footwear was required.
  11. Groundhog Day. Our regular dinner time made me think of Groundhog day Рthe feeling you have lived it all before. We had a 6pm sitting and on a few of the days we simply could not eat at 6pm (due to coming back in the mid afternoon from a shore excursion). The Casual dining options would also have been fine for us, however would have added to the issues outlined in point 2, above)

For our first cruise, we all did have a wonderful time. Personally I did not sleep well and was tired before I got on the ship, and tired when I got off it. Most people do sleep well due to the sumptuous pillows and fantastic bed Рjust not me.