Love, Actually

Love Actually is one of my favourite movies! I had a “Love, Actually” moment earlier today whilst in Tiffany’s buying a gift voucher (recall the ‘would you like it gift wrapped‘ scene from the movie). For a small credit-card sized gift card, it went into a large square card with a special cutout; but only after being inserted into a small ribbon. The card was closed, and the fellow retrieved a large, square card-shaped box. Once he’d opened the box, inserted the card, and popped the lid back on (the right way around), he proceeded to pull out a length of ribbon to wrap the box. When I thought it was over, he then reached up into a cupboard and pulled out the gift bag! After inserting the package into the bag, he finally handed it over to me. Did I feel special? I sure did!

Later in the day when recounting my story to some of my work compatriots, many of them said they’d never seen (let alone had heard of) the movie. Of those I asked, only 1/6 women I asked had seen it, despite it being one of the best chick-flicks out there – I immediately implored all of them to go and watch the movie!

Have you experienced a scene out of one of your favourite movies? Let me know in the comments!

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