About Andrew

Andrew Blanda Flying
Andrew Blanda Flying

Hi, my name is Andrew Blanda, and since the start of 2009, I’ve actively embarked on a journey of betterment. My Proactive Life is the means for me to share with you my journey, and I hope you stick around to read, hear and see how I am becoming better.

More about me

I am a father to 2 young boys, and lead what I would call a normal life (what is normal these days, I wonder?) I have a 13 year background in Learning & Development (in various roles; Instructor, Courseware designer/developer, Program manager and Client Engagement Manager). I am fascinated by people, our relationships with each other, understanding how people learn and the most effective ways to connect with others.

I’m also fascinated about people’s journeys that got them to where they are today – we meet people at certain times in our lives and don’t fully appreciate the journey the other person has taken up to that point. I enjoy finding out other people’s inner story, as there’s much to learn, appreciate and understand about how people live their lives. This leads to having a better understanding of people and relationships.

Lastly, I am a firm believer in living a simple life. Life can be complex at the best of times, so proactively choosing to live simply (where possible) is one of the ways of reducing stress and increasing your enjoyment of life.

What prompted all this?

I have had this thought on and off for the past couple of years but a few things transpired over the past 9 months that convinced me to start this site now, including:

  • A motorcycle crash in January 2009
  • Attending a funeral service for someone I once knew (and finding out how he’d achieved so much more than _I_ ever considered he could achieve)
  • Realising I have a lot of unused potential that can be harnessed for good causes
  • Knowing that deep down, we all have more to give.

Feel free to keep up with me at my other blog where I’ll comment about things not necessarily related to becoming better. You may also come across the odd rant or ‘vent’ there, too!