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A bedtime poem for my boys.

I made up this little poem whilst tucking Mr4 into bed a few days ago. I thought I’d share this with you all!

The time for fun is over,
It’s time to go to bed;
I love you from your little toes,
Up to the top of your head!

Nice & simple, just the way I like it 🙂 Do you have any little sayings or poems you recite to your children? let me know!

(With thanks to 2 pioneering dads that blog, Writerdad & Bloggerdad who often share their thoughts about fatherhood!)

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Love it!

We do this fun little game which a lovely vietnamese lady taught my eldest daughter (16) when she was 2.. we’ve passed it down to the other kids (7 and 4).

Get your action fingers ready (two fingers on one hand), and walk them over the top of your child’s head from back to front, saying : “Little man… walks over the hill”

When you get to the forehead, knock gently and say : “knocks on the door”

then gently grab the tip of their nose, wiggle it and say : “rings the bell”

then, on the chin tap gently with one finger, then the next, then the other one again and say : “and goes down to the chin, chin choppa chin, chin choppa chin, chin!”

seems super-weird writing it out, but it makes them laugh every time… and that best word of all: “again, again!!”

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