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Get More Done

If you are wondering how you can get more done (this could be seen as doing something better than you are currently), here’s a fabulous, succinct response to a question posed to David Allen (the fellow behind the Getting Things Done (GTD) movement).

Q: What’s the one thing that we do that gets in the way of us being productive?

A: It’s not one thing, but five, all wrapped together:

  1. People keep stuff in their head.
  2. They don’t decide what they need to do about stuff they know they need to do something about.
  3. They don’t organize action reminders and support materials in functional categories.
  4. They don’t maintain and review a complete and objective inventory of their commitments.
  5. Then they waste energy and burn out, allowing their busy-ness to be driven by what’s latest and loudest, hoping it’s the right thing to do but never feeling the relief that it is.

You may or may not agree with the concept of GTD, but in David’s answer above, I am sure you can identify one (or more) in yourself that you can work to improve on! For me, the 1st is the one that affects me the most, and as of mid-October, is something I’ve been proactively working on through the use of better application of technology. I’ll share more with you soon!

Give yourself 1 min to think through the list above – identify one thing you could do now to improve & leave your response in the comments below!