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Social Media to me

Here’s a quick post to explain my use of Social media, notably Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

  • Facebook is for your personal network, usually people you used to/still know;
  • LinkedIn is for your professional network, usually people you’ve worked with/done business with in the past;
  • Twitter is for people you haven’t met yet! 🙂

I try and keep my networks like the above, but since starting MyProactiveLife, I have been blurring the lines a little more, and I’m comfortable with doing so. Why? I believe that ultimately we are one person, and you cannot keep things separate forever – who I am is who I am, and I attempt to live my life by a set of core beliefs regardless if it’s dealing with a friend, would-be collaborator or work colleague!

Also, I would like people to know that who they meet and work with is someone they feel they can trust and build rapport with – I am not sure you can garner either of these without being sincere & authentic in all dealings with others.

What’re your thoughts on this?