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Health First. Do you do it?

Winter is one of the worst times for blood donations. The Australian Red Cross Blood Service often has signs out calling for donors as blood stocks are low. Winter is one of the most difficult times for blood donations as a large part of the population are ill – coughs, colds, flu and chest infections are some of the reasons you may be turned away, unable to donate.

Since starting my plasma donations late last year, I’ve used them as my yardstick for my health – As the donations are every 2 weeks, I’ve worked on staying healthy from one donation to the next. I’ll admit this may sound kooky to others, it’s been working out very well for me. Now let me contrast this to the wellbeing of the ‘general’ population (yes, here comes some ‘generalisations’)

Many of the people I know are working like crazy and not really taking time for themselves. Weekends are filled with activities that keep them ‘busy’, never letting themselves relax and recover (which is an important part of staying healthy). Black-hole holidays and digital detox are becoming part of the choice for where to spend your ‘holiday’ time, as a way for you to disconnect from the belief that you have to be connected, available and busy all the time.

Health first.

For me, my health is the most important thing in my life. From this everything else has a chance to grow.

Love? check.

Happiness? check.

Ability to continue donating blood/plasma to help others? check.

Once your health is gone, what else is there? At what point do people begin to care about their health? I think many other people don’t care about their health because their focus is on other things – money, status, wealth, getting ahead of the neighbours. I’m pretty sure there are many who will agree with me, and some will be in denial.

Let me know your thoughts on why (if) you think people’s focus isn’t on their health.

One reply on “Health First. Do you do it?”

I agree with you Andrew health must come first. Without it, such things like a walk in the park or the ability to concentrate and read as a pastime, may not be viable. You can have all the riches in the world but it won’t save you from serious health outcomes in order to live to work rather than working to live.
As I was once a regular (whole) blood donor myself, sadly it is no longer possible due to having being treated for cancer. If I am in the clear after 5 years I will continue to do this as I think it is a citizen’s duty to give (if able) to those in need. For now though, looking after my health is a priority. I did have that mindset before I discovered cancer but I do wonder how many out there, takes their lives for granted, before a life threatening experience strikes.
We only have one life, so it is up to us all, to look after it, like you would a small infant.
Have a great day and thank you for taking time out in getting this important message out.
Kerry Pintado xxxx

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