What’s your indulgence?

I recently had lunch with a fellow I went to school with 21 years ago, and during the course of the conversation, he asked “What’s your indulgence“? I was stumped for an answer, as I could not think of anything in my life that I’d deem an indulgence!

I’m a practical person, enjoying what I have and not wanting for much (to the lament of the rest of my family who are asking where’s my ‘Christmas list’). Overall, I’m not sure I have any indulgences – I have a broad interest and can get stuck into many different topics, read various articles or books and have conversations with many different people on varied topics.

I’m wondering if I should adopt an indulgence in 2012 and see where that takes me. What do you think? What do you think my indulgence could be? More importantly…What’s your indulgence?

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Indulgences are so individual and can change like the wind blowing. To some, a simple chocolate bar is an indulgence, to others, a first class trip to Pyongyang is no sweat. Mood, circumstance, time of day or immediate event preceding a spontaneous indulgent act (like winning the trifecta in the Melbourne Cup) could be the impetus for patronising the handbag or beer economy.
It’s just a fun inquiry into what may seem like a moment’s pleasure is actually an affirmation of one’s humanity.
So, in no particular order, my latest indulgences are: 20th Anniversary box U2 ‘Achtung Baby’, a pair of Florsheim boat shoes (no, I’m not competing against Jessica Watson next week on Boxing Day!) and a chocolate/peanut butter Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in a 100s + 1,000s sprinkled chocolate dipped waffle cone while at Broadway Hoyts cinemas last Wednesday night.
Life is too short not to spoil oneself once in a while!!!!! R

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