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Walking lessons

As part of my CrackOfArse challenge I went for a brisk 30 min walk this morning before heading home and picking up the boys (Mr almost-6 and Mr almost-9) to walk them to school. Walking with my boys gives me pleasure because it’s a chance to talk with them instead of talking at them during Β normal day.

Today’s lesson was the difference between buying a house and renting a house, and branched out into loaning money and how interest works.

The other observation is that they see things I do not; they spotted things like screws, rubber bands and springs on the ground; flowers in a garden that one of our neighbours used to grow; the shadow from a centipede was larger than the centipede itself; and just how long some streets are!

For me, this morning’s walk I felt connected with the environment; I walked on the side of the street where there was more sun; I smelled wonderful smells coming from flowers, kitchens and rubbish bins; I wondered what the stories were behind the 4 cars that are now home to many spiders and their families, and gazed up into the blue sky on this awesome Sydney Autumn morning.

Get out there for a walk, it’s a skill you already have in your toolbox and you can do it anywhere. Walk with purpose and use your senses to pick up on the things that happen all around you. You’re worth it!

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Thanks for sharing. I LOVE walking and in our busy lives, it’s refreshment therapy. I also carry a pedometer all day to ensure I do it (I’m measurement-centric).

Great post, bro.

Cheers, Iggy

@Iggy Pintado
I don’t have a pedometer but do understand the value of measurement. I use an app to track my runs, walks and cycles more as a record of what I’ve done and not specifically to ‘track’ the numbers. Whatever gets you moving is good! πŸ™‚

Wonderful post Andrew. It’s the little things that we are all guilty of at times to miss. Maybe insignificant at the time but an important micro-view necessary for taking a step back for reflection and appreciation of what’s literally in front of our noses!

Your children will remember you later on in life too for spending precious time with them and not taking time away for other not so important things.

Kudos for getting out there and exercising your bones are winners too for your efforts πŸ™‚

@Kerry Pintado
You are so right – I’m making time for more ‘little things’ moments with my boys, you never know where or when they will say something profound or come out with something unexpected!

Agree! Wonderful post. I’ve started an evening equivalent with @MrsH5 – time where we can connect, time out from our children (Miss 13 can “babysit” for 30-40mins now) and most importantly, time for our bodies to stretch out and breathe (much needed for me as you know Andrew from our chat this week)

What I loved about this post was the focus on “life’s simple pleasures” – @MrsH5 has a list of these and we’re talking about a blog to capture and share them. Walking FOR THE WIN!

A nice walking experience.But to have a real experience on walking just wake up early in the morning ,say by 0430 a.m; then enjoy the nice breeze and inhale the pollution free air.Your mind, your body and everything will be free and fresh.

@Tony Hollingsworth
You’re right on the money, Tony! I am looking for opportunities to not let the simple things go by and that sounds like what you and @MrsH5 are doing, too. For you it’s also important to reconnect with our other halves as there is a tendency to focus on the kids and leave the adult ‘relationship’ behind. Good on you πŸ™‚

Walking is a great time for meditation. I love to walk on the sunny side of the street and breathe in the fresh air. I can ponder, absorb those intuitive messages, while feeding my body and brain with energizing vibes. Nice!

~ @Mysticle

Thanks for the comment, Misty, and welcome to my little corner of the web! Yes, walking is a meditative act and whilst walking with the boys was more a discussion/observation session, I did have time to just ‘mull’ over things. I also have a similar time whilst running, although a lot less gets in as I spend a lot of time managing my energy.

A sunny street and fresh air sounds like the perfect recipe πŸ™‚

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