Life goes on

I came across this post a couple of weeks ago and felt compelled to share it with you. Take the time (about 10 mins) to read the entire post to understand the full extent of the message behind the words. This paragraph caught my eye, and along with my posts on crashing my motorcycle, part 1 & part 2), underpin just why I’m doing what I do whilst I can:

As mentioned, do yourself a favour and read the entire post. It may make you cry, but I believe it’s a fabulous post from someone who’s been able to share his thoughts up until the very end. Derek passed away on May 3rd, 2011.

EDIT 2nd June, 2011 (you’ll need tissues!) : Derek’s wife Airdrie has posted a follow-up post, and I urge you to read it for her reply and to find out more about Derek. I’m not sure we’ve ever had the privilege to get both sides of such a wonderful story – My heart goes out to anyone who has lost their soulmate or someone immeasurably precious.

I am doing my best to live each day deliberately, and with a goal of each day being better than the previous. How am I doing? How are you doing? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Thanks 🙂

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Absolutely! To have the presence of mind to capture the thoughts, feelings, emotions and environment leading up to his death is inspiring. I thought having a song/piece of music picked out for my send-off was being proactive.

I’ve had a life change happen to me (my daughter died 7.5 years ago… I won’t give you the hours and minutes, I no longer count them, but I did in the early years). And the story of this couple has given me great pause to see what I am currently – today – working myself up about (inconsequential, silly, energy-sapping stuff). A huge reminder. Thanks for sharing this, I would not have met Derek or Airdrie otherwise.

Thanks for sharing, Kirrily! Yes, I feel the same way – I think we all need to ‘meet’ a Derek or Airdrie to help us realise how lucky/fortunate we are. It also reinforces (to me) that I’m on the right path at the moment, one that’s taking me on wonderful journeys and helping me meet wonderful people along the way. Makes me smile, knowing that we are all in it together; some just don’t know it yet 🙂

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