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The two most important people

Who are the 2 most important people in the world?

Here are some clues:

  • If both of these people are present, you begin Connecting
  • Connecting leads to socialising
    • As we understand more about each other, we move beyond merely connecting into the realm of socialising – of gauging what this other person’s motivations are, their views, their thoughts on various topics.
  • Socialising leads to Relationships
    • Relationships are vital to help us stay in tune with other people. I recently blogged that no one person can do it all on their own; we each have our foundation supporters and people we rely on; who keep the home running efficiently; who allow us to be who we are; who provide the support we need to do what we do.
  • Relationships lead to Understanding
    • Relationships lead to a better understanding of the world, an better understanding of ourselves and a better understanding of just how diverse and similar we are.

Coming back to the question: Who are the 2 most important people in the world?

You and Me

Look after you; Look after me; the rest will look after itself 🙂

7 replies on “The two most important people”

Very good Andrew! Though if both these were present .. I was thinking that the answer could be the left & right of my brian.!

Catherine’s absolutely right relationships are that simple – you & me. And treated with respect


What a fantastic post. You have a great way of bringing things down to a simple, common denominator in short form while reminding us of the importance of reflection. Thanks for the Connection Generation book tie-in too – icing on the cake!

I’ll be tweeting this as my READ OF THE WEEK.

Cheers, Iggy

@Julie Wise
Julie, I am sure this would be a great topic about how we can be present – understanding how WE work is an important part of self-awareness and confidence when dealing with other people. So, what happens on the days when your left + right brain are not speaking to each other?

And yes, relationships can be seen as complex, BUT they don’t have to be; focusing on the 2 parties involved should be enough to set things on the right path! 🙂

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