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Stuck in a rut?

It’s important to keep moving in life, no matter what endeavour you are undertaking. The human body was designed for movement, not for inaction! Here are some thoughts from Lenny Henry which I think think resonate with me.

Education makes me feel young” “Don’t stand still and get stuck in a rut. Keep moving, because a rut becomes a grave. When my dad retired, he died within months because he didn’t have anything to do. He grew some vegetables and then keeled over. My dream is to always be creative and keep writing comedy, and making movies and television programs”.

My plan for the future:

  • To never stop learning
  • Set some goals each year on my path to becoming better
  • Keep my brain active by learning new things, expanding my relationships, meeting new people, Sudoku and puzzles
  • Staying fit & active 🙂

Do you have such a plan for your life? Let me know what you have planned either for 2010 or for your long-term future!

One reply on “Stuck in a rut?”

Excellent reminder, Andrew.

Life is movement. Even at the most fundamental, atomic level, there is movement in apparently stationery objects.

My plan is simple. Honour life, time and people.

Life’s a precious gift that moves like a magic carpet between everything and everyone. Life seeks to move through us and manifest as thoughts and actions. It takes great effort to block the flow of life through us. Far better to release it; step into it; ride it and share it.

Best to you, Andrew.


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