Tuesday’s with Morrie

I’ve just finished reading “Tuesday’s with Morrie”, after a recommendation from some of my wonderful twitter buddies.

It’s a great resource to help you understand more about death, and why it’s not a bad thing.

It’s one of the simplest, most honest books I’ve read in a while, and came away believing that what I’m doing here with My Proactive Life is the right thing to do. I recommend you read it.

A chat with David

I came across this interesting psychology article recently, and though it was interesting – A conversation with David. Here’s one powerful paragraph from the eyes of David:

A conversation with David quoteI recommend you read the whole article (~5 mins) and think about what you are doing to truly live out the life you want to. A life of integrity, honesty and free of pretense. This article ties in quite well with the message being communicated through initiatives like Soften The Fck Up: Speak to someone!

All I need from you is quiet understanding

Soften the Fck Up

Last week, a new initiative launched called “Soften the Fck Up“.

My buddy Gavin has written a great post about this new initiative to get men to accept that it’s OK to soften up and admit when things aren’t going well.

I met with one of the founders Ehon Chan last week and had a fabulous chat with him about the issues we (men) face and how ‘Soften’ is attempting to change things. It’s related to the decision behind why Raz, Robbie & I started Riding4aCause. I hope theres an opportunity to combine the 2 in the future!