The Power of One

Something I noticed the other day whilst purchasing new tyres, pedals and shoes for my upcoming Sydney to Wollongong bicycle ride *, was that for large items in my life, I have only one.

The reason for not having more than ‘one’ is borne out of a) not having space for more than one, and b), not having a need for more than one! I think it’s greatly enhanced my sense of living simply, as well as not looking at material possessions as any sign of status. Here are some examples:

  • I have one car
  • I have one motorcycle
  • I have one bicycle
  • I have one television

I do not have the need (or space) for anything more than this, and truly believe that the more you have, the less happy you are. I am also of the belief that you should (and most of the time can) make the most of what you have without needing to have more.

Do you agree? Is ‘more than one’ causing you sadness? Let me know your thoughts!

(Edit: I felt it best to include a link to Neerav’s post Too Much Stuff: Consumption Is Not A Way of Life, it brings up a lot of great points, all underpinning my thoughts on ‘Stuff’)

* More on my bike:  I have converted the mountainbike into a road bike through road tyres and clipless pedals. I know know other people who have dedicated bikes for certain jobs, and this is OK – If I was a professional cyclist or began taking up proper mountain-biking, I may then have a need for the second bike.

Too Much Stuff: Consumption Is Not A Way of Life

Why am I here?

Hi Everyone,

I have been looking for a great way to kick off this blog and came across an awesome post by Stephen Mills of Rat Race Trap. The post is so simple & succinct, I felt it would be a great way to start MyProactiveLife!

Sometimes just a few words say about all that needs to be said:

  1. Your life is your own damn fault.
  2. Take responsibility for it.
  3. Learn what you need to do to fix it.
  4. Take action on what you’ve learned.
  5. Enjoy the results.

– Larry Winget

Some people may be offended by the use of the word ‘damn’ in the first point – That’s Larry’s way with words, so you will need to live with it 🙂

* Some of the earlier posts on this site have been imported from my personal blog, written earlier in the year and before I had formalised the idea for MyProactiveLife.

Taming the ugliness (an apology)

Yesterday, I had gone for a ride with my 2 boys (4 & 7) along the bike path adjacent to Botany Bay starting in Brighton, down to Dolls Point and back. For those not familiar with this bike path, it’s a shared path with pedestrians for the most part, and cuts through 5 carparks.

In one of the carparks, there was a car blocking the bike path (it looked like the driver simply drove into the carpark and just parked the car across the bike path.

Getting Mr4 to look ahead and try and react early is impossible, and I had to speed up and ensure both of the boys stopped before hitting the car. Something in me snapped. I was infuriated at how pig-headed someone could be to park across the bike path!

  • I noticed that the driver was still in the car.
  • I decided (most likely unconsciously) to let the driver know what they had done, as they probably don’t realise it.
  • I approached the car and advised the driver that they were blocking the bike path and that my sons had almost hit the car. (That’s how I wanted it to transpire), but in reality I turned ugly 🙁 . I did let the lady know she was blocking the bike path and that she should move the car to a designated parking spot, but I am not sure I came cross in a non-threatening, friendly manner. I know I then began repeating myself louder…i.e. the refuge of the defeated.
  • Afterwards, I definitely did not feel like I had done a community service – in fact, I felt like crap, mulling it over in my head for the rest of the night.

I am writing this as an open apology to the lady + her passengers who had to see/experience the ugliness that is still within me. It should have gone differently, it could have gone differently, but it didn’t – and it’s my fault. The control of the situation was completely in my hands until I snapped and went down the ugly path.

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